GENE High Range IQ Test
Global Extensive Noetic Examination

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Submission Information

Thank you for solving GENE. Please send the following information to:

  • Full Name
  • Age & Sex
  • Nationality
  • Test solutions
  • E-mail address
  • All prior IQ scores
  • Time spent on the test
  • Evidence of ID/passport

Submission Guidelines

Two official attempts are allowed. An IQ score will be reported in both attempts and you will get a test certificate for each submission. You will receive your score report and test certificate within 10 days. GENE Verbal I,II,III,IV and GENE Numerical I,II,III,IV are distinct tests and can be taken separately. You will receive only one score report for each submission. The score you will receive for each submission will be final and there will be no discussion about the test items or the scoring rules.
In order to prevent fraudulent multiple submissions on the tests,a 10€ donation for each submission is required. You may use the below PayPal button for your donations.
Please read carefully the above submission instructions before sending your test solutions. Incomplete and insufficient test submissions will not be scored or answered.
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You are not allowed to stalk or harass by electronic means the test author, the graphics designer or any of the test takers, as you will be reported to the authorities.